Saturday, 27 August 2016

East Brent Breeze 22

Just planned on cycling to Burnham and back but got waylaid by some Old Gits who were out for a similar ride.  Happened across one on the outskirts of Weston has he was on his way to meet a couple of others. Had to join in of course.  Time was a bit limited today so I dropped them in Berrow and made my own way back through East Brent and Bleadon.   No photographs today unfortunately but clocked up another 22 miles.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Churchill Chase 38

Another cracking day.  Rode over to Clevedon this afternoon to see my eldest daughter and extended the journey back by going through Congresbury, Churchill and Banwell.

Strawberry Line

Cut through from Congresbury to Yatton  on the Strawberry Line, not as many walkers/cyclists as expected.  The photo is more about the blue sky than the line itself. Mr Blue Sky was certainly in evidence today.

Had to stop!

Left my daughter's and also left my emergency ration Mars Bar on her table.  Going through Churchill by the church, spotted this invitation at a nearby house.  Victoria plums.  Could not refuse 5 of them beauties.  A bit wary of these as the tree I had in my previous house always had a good crop but were susceptible to wasps hiding in them.  None this time after carefully checking.

Actual mileage was 38 plus although the Strava did not get turned on at the start and only shows 37.  Enjoyed that today.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

West Ham Weconnaisance 41

Sorted out a bit of a route for when my mates visit next week and today is the day to try it out.  Trying to sort one that includes a bit of everything, hills, flats, a bit of scenery, seascape and of course places to stock up with fuel!

Animal Farm  Brean

Not much photographic about today. Made do with this entrance to the Animal Farm in Red Road Brean.  Good day out for the the kids (so I have been told) with hands on with the sheep, goats, llamas and even reptiles and creepy crawlies. 

Bleadon Nature Reserve

The last bit of the day was through the nature reserve near Bleadon.  The path has been resurfaced and is a bit rough in places but it makes a nice change from the busy A370 which is the alternative.  A bit blurry, but the derelict church and beacon at Uphill is in the distance.

41 miles today.  A bit more than was anticipated so will have to confer with Mick and Graham about that.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Old Gits go to Cheddar Gorge 33

Tuesday, it's Old Gits Day.  Taking a break from the norm, 15 of us met up at 8.30 and headed off to Cheddar Gorge for a change.  Started of on the normal route but when we reached the Strawberry Line, we turned right instead of left and went through Axbridge to Cheddar Gorge.

Cheddar Gorge

We were about 15 miles into the ride when we reached Cheddar Gorge so stopped at this cafe at the point where the climb starts to look a bit serious.  Cups of tea all round and four out the fifteen Old Gits decided to continue up the Gorge and take a more circular route to Caffells Garden Centre and the next tea stop.  It is a fair climb, about 4/500 feet, a bit steep in places and the majority of us left the mountaineers to it. Perhaps next time.  Apologies for the dark picture, clearly the iPhone could not cope with the high contrast subject.

White coats waiting

Riding towards the second pit stop of the day, we backtracked along the Strawberry Line, (very busy today with walkers and cyclists) to Puxton Lane.  People in white coats had gathered at the entrance to an orchard, not for us fortunately, but employees of the local Thatcher's Cider factory being given an induction course.  Phew. Scary moment.

Good ride in lovely weather.  Clocked up 33 plus miles today.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Brean and Berrow 20

The storm and bad weather that was forecast today did not materialise so made the most of a nice afternoon for a shortish ride out to Brean and Berrow and back.  The wind was a bit stronger than of late but today it was behind on the ride back home.


Heading back through East Brent, at the foot of Brent Knoll, saw this flag flying, hopefully for the Olympics.  Quite right to be proud with the amount of medals we are picking up.

An easy 20 miler today.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Wedmore Worry 34

Went out today checking out a possible routes, or parts of routes for a forthcoming visit from Graham and Mick.  After today, got a much better idea where to take them.  The worry part of the title refers to 3/4 way round I realised that my pump was still on the table of a lay by burger van on the A38 and if a puncture had occurred in one of the remote lanes I was on, it was a long walk to civilisation.  Passing that way on the way back I called in and the owner had retrieved it for safe keeping.  Phew.  Another lesson learned.

Church of St Congar

This is in the village of Badgworth just off the A38 on the road to Wedmore.  It dates from the 14th century with further additions in the 16th.  It is a grade 2 listed building with work needing to be done on the tower.  

Rural scene

Very peaceful today out on the Somerset Levels.  Travelling the back road between West Ham (not that one) and Mark, had to stop and photograph this peaceful view.  With overcast skies, little wind, and a muggy feel to the air, we may well get some storms tonight.

Very enjoyable ride, 34 miles in all.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Burnham Bash 31

Another lovely day here in the UK.  All due to change tomorrow though according to the forecasters. Just a light breeze, a day to enjoy, so heading out to Burnham on Sea for a gentle spin round. This route, or slight variations of it, seem to be the flavour of the month at the moment.

Burnham on Sea

Reached the promenade at Burnham after about 18 miles, I did call in at the Bay View Cafe but as it was lunchtime there was a bit of a queue.  Had my emergency rations of a small Mars Bar and a bottle of water so all set to go back.  This shot is taken from the top of the promenade wall looking north along the beach.  

Just under 31 miles today.