Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Old Gits Day. Soon comes round! 23

Tuesday, it is Old Gits Day.  Meeting up as usual for the well established 'Old Route', out to Banwell, Winscombe, Sandford and back to Weston via Hewish and the tea stop at Caffles.

Katy's Field

Some of the gang emerging off the Strawberry Line at one of Thatcher's orchards at Katy's Field.  Having done the Strawberry Line a couple of days ago, it possibly was quite boggy on there today so with another Old Git, took an alternative route along the road from Winscombe.  Actually, our fears were unfounded, although boggy in places it was easy to get round those bits.  Sat in the outside net poly tunnel for our refreshments at Caffles before heading back to Weston.

A glorious autumnal morning, sunny, fairly warm and very little wind.  Clocked 23 miles today.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Sand Bay and beyond 16

After a real good week last week, it may be prudent just to ease off a fraction.  Going over to Sand Bay to the north east of Weston on a fairly calm and sunny morning.

More street art

Noticed this a couple of Saturdays ago.  Some sort of competition or gathering of vandals, sorry, street artistes, painting over previous work that raised money for the Birnbeck Pier charity.  Presumably this was for the same cause, stop the old pier falling into the sea. Quite like these, Charlie Chaplin is a good one and Weston 'souper' Mare made me smile.

Sand Bay

A short distance further on was a nice view of Sand Bay itself.  Sand Point, the promentary in the distance, is designated a SSSI, a site of special scientific interest with wading birds, flowers and grasses of particular interest.


Couldn't go without mentioning the results of the blackberrying expedition.  My neighbour made 8 jars of jam in total, 4 of them he has donated to a Macmillan coffee morning to be held soon. Fully agree with that, if it raises cash for that worthy cause then it is definitely a result.  Haven't sampled it yet, be assured a critique will be posted.

Nice easy one today as planned.  Covered 16 miles.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Out to and around Wedmore 32

End of the first whole week back 'serious' cycling and well surprised how good it has gone.  Thought it would take longer to get back into the swing of things after 7 weeks off and also expected advice from the medics to take it easy.  Not at all.  The advice was, "Go for it. Back to normal." and that is just what has happened.  In fact, exceeded the planned weekly target in the first week.  That is nearly as good as the Villa winning 3-0 away from home yesterday.


The family were spotted on the Mark Road at Walrow.  Busily munching on the surfeit of algae on the surface of the water, they were completely oblivious to anything around them.  The purpose of stopping just there was to get a picture of a nearby heron but he/she cleared off as soon as I stopped.


Unusually, took a route where there were no cafes or places to get a cup of tea without going further afield that was intended.  Stopped at the village stores in Brent Knoll but £1.90 for a coffee in a paper cup, out of a machine, seemed exorbitant to me; especially as there was only about 8 miles to go before home.  This scarecrow competition might be worth a visit next weekend.  Always something worth snapping when these are about.

Smugly pleased with 32 miles today taking the weekly total to 111 this week.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Blackberrying expedition to Puxton 29

After promising my jam making neighbour that a foraging for blackberries was imminent, it was a good day today for it so after spotting some decent brambles last week at Puxton set the 'sat nav' for east of Weston.

The audience

Found some good spots around Puxton.  Collecting some in a farm gateway, felt that someone was watching me.  Looked over my shoulder and this old biddy was eyeing me up.  Sorry lady, I am already spoken for.

Temporary Closure

Leaving Puxton with a container full of berries, went into Sanford and picked up the Strawberry Line.  At Winscombe diversions were in place for the ongoing water works.  Luckily, this was the place that I was getting off so no loss.  Went back to Weston in a big circular route to put some miles on the clock.  Why not, felt good and it was a nice morning.


And this was the end result.  one ice cream tub rammed to the top with succulent blackberries (stop drooling).  Later, duly handed over to my neighbour for processing.

29 miles covered today.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

To Burnham on Sea for a cup of tea 26

After yesterday's storm force wind and rain, Mother Nature seems to have calmed down a bit and a reasonable day is promised.  Off down to Burnham on Sea using my favourite route.

Little Egret

Not much of a technical shot but be assured that the white blob in the field is not a snowman still melting from last winter but a little egret.  This one is on the western outskirts of Bleadon.  David Attenborough head on. A member of the heron family, it first came to Britain in significant numbers in 1989 and is now at home on numerous south coast sites both as a breeding species,, and a winter visitor.  The colonisation followed naturally from a range expansion from northern and western France. Head off again.

Bay View Cafe

Arrived at destination, the sea front cafe in Burnham on Sea.  Not so busy in there now the main season is over. Still ticking over nicely though.  Just happened to arrive at lunch time so it had to be cheese on toast with a mug of tea.  Getting into Burnham was not too easy as there was an 18mph headwind, but going back to Weston wasn't too bad as the westerly wind was coming from the side.  Used the new cycle track from Brean which was deserted.  Encountered a few 'localised' showers on the way.  Took shelter to find the road 50 yards further on was dry!

26 miles on the clock, no problem.  It was tempting to go for 30+ but discretion was the better part of valour today.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Back out with the Old Gits 23

Really back into the cycling now.  Had a normal ride out with the Old Gits this morning.  Very lucky with the weather.  It was atrocious yesterday, rain and blowing a hooligan.  The same is forecast for tomorrow.  Today was a treat so someone up there must like us.  It was a good day but tinged with sadness as one of the gang died of the dreaded cancer on Sunday.  A very popular member of the group he will be missed.

Knightstone meet.

Doing the 'reverse' route today to Caffles which means meeting at the north end of the prom at Knighstone.  Initially it seemed a bit chilly, hence some of them huddling behind the chuck wagons.  Not as many as normal today, 11 in total made the effort.

The Peloton to Puxton

After Caffles, fed and watered we meandered off back to Weston via Puxton and Banwell.  After the first 'checkpoint' this is the group heading off.

Red Hot Pokers

At least this is what I knew them as when I was a lad.  Not seen so many in the same place for a long time.

Well, that went well.  It might be all in the brain but the hills seemed easier today than normal.  Got round the 23 miles in one piece and the only after effect was sore knees.  Can cope with that.  If the hooligan arrives tomorrow will leave it till Thursday and make it down to Burnham for the first time in seven weeks.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

First real test, out to Caffles 18

Pushed the boat out a bit today and went out to Hewish to the Old Git's watering hole.  It went superbly.  Joined up with a chap that goes to our regular Sunday quiz night and to be honest, he did a good job of holding me back.  Nothing to strenuous, a couple of rail and motorway bridges to 'ascend' but that was not a problem.  What was, the saddle suddenly seems very hard and unforgiving.  Soon overcome that.

Caffles at Hewish

This is the regular watering hole of the Old Gits.  Pity it sits on the A370, a busy trunk road going into Bristol.  Apart from tea and cake, Caffles have a gardening centre and a small sewing machine business.

Autumn is upon us. 

There is a real feast of blackberries out there at the moment. After this shot was taken, a certain amount of tasting went on.  Will be collecting these soon as my next door neighbour likes to make jam.  

Just over 18 miles, surprisingly easy to be honest