Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Old Gits on the normal run 23

Went on the normal Old Gits run with 12 other OGs.  It is the first day of spring today, the vernal equinox, but no sign of that in the weather, a strongish NW wind and heavy showers although the sun did shine a fair bit and made life a little more pleasant.
We did the normal route, out to Banwell, Winscombe, Sanford and back through Hewish where we stopped for refreshments.  It was then a bit of a battle getting back home against that wind.

Despite the weather conditions, had some good banter and clocked up 23 miles.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Sand Bay Saunter 14

Didn't think I was going to get out today.  The morning and early afternoon was shocking, heavy rain and wind, but it cleared up enough around 3.30 for a little ride out.  Out with the Old Gits tomorrow so ideally, keep the mileage down.  Went out through Kewstoke to Sand Bay and back through  Worle.  No photographs today, not much different out there to be honest.

Used the mountain bike, it all checked out ready for tomorrow.  Just under 14 miles today.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Reverse circuit to Burnham 30

That was a windy old ride!   Put another layer on today and got the long bottoms out.  There is more of a wintery feel to the day with the USA sending us some of their cold air.
You may wonder what the attraction is at Burnham  Actually it is threefold, firstly, in my opinion the Bay View Cafe on the sea front is the best cafe in a radius of 30 miles. No contest there then. Secondly, apart from a small climb out of Weston heading south, and a couple of railway and motorway bridges the terrain is all flat (hence the Somerset Levels).  Thirdly, the countryside is pretty good and a pleasure to travel through off the beaten track.  You get to see those pesky herons, and occasionally, like today, a little egret.  Unfortunately, no pictures today.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

To Burnham on Sea for a nice cuppa tea 30

What a cracking day.  Did not go out till after lunch hoping that the weather forecast was going to be correct.  Clouds this morning and great big daisies all over the chart in the afternoon. And so it was. Good decision to put the shorts on and leave some layers off.  Did the usual loop around the Somerset Levels calling at the Bay View Cafe on the sea front.

Tragedy or Memorium?

After going through the Burnham Marina, noticed these flowers attached to one of the new heart shaped cycle racks on the promenade.  I did ask a local walking nearby what they signified but he didn't know.  It had been mentioned on social media and the consensus of opinion was that they had been left near where someone had scattered a loved ones ashes on the beach.  This happens now and again at Weston so could well possibly be.  Not aware of any recent tragedies in this area.

Takes all sorts!

Leaving Burnham, passed this beat up old wannabe camper van today for about the 50th time today and without fail, couldn't help but break into a smile.  Been meaning to share this with you for some time so on this spring like day, here you are.

30 miles today. Had trouble with a heron again near Mark.  It stood very proud, right near the edge of the road, easily within range for a good photo. I could tell from its eyes and its body language that it was waiting for me to slow down and get the camera out and it was obvious that the moment that happened, it would be off with a smirk on its beak. Two can play at that game, I ignored it and rode straight past it.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Old Gits Reverse Route 23

Old Gits day.  Doing the 'reverse' route today, meet up on the prom and go out on the Toll Road to Kewstoke, Sand Bay, Wick St Lawrence to Hewish and Caffles the garden centre for refreshments.  Return to Weston via Banwell and Locking.

Meeting Point

At the northern end of the prom is Knighstone 'island' joined to the mainland by a 50 yard causeway! There is room on there for a smallish apartment block, a tea room and that's about it.  The causeway enables there to be a small marina for swimming, sail boarding etc. Then RNLI office and base are also located at this point on a wide part of the prom. This is only a temporary base as the old one fell apart during the decline of the old victorian pier at Birnbeck.
13 Old Gits waiting out of the chilly wind off the sea, two more on the way making 15 attended today.  Not a bad turnout at all.

Time for Tea

Taken at the Caffles Garden Centre by another Old Git, thanks Geoff.  The main topics of conversations are normally medications, NHS visits, how big the hills are getting and the weather.

Good ride today in good company.  Clocked up 23 miles.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Usual route to Burnham 30

Looks like another good day out there. Got over Saturday's tiredness and the disappointment of missing the week's target by 0.3 miles so start another week with a ride to Burnham.  Took the usual route, with a couple of slight variations, and undertook the venture in shorts!  Yes shorts.  Less layers and no wooly gloves.  It must be nearly spring.  Having said that, despite being sunny, on the odd occasion, the wind in your face was a bit fresh.

Another bike rack

Not sure if this ranks as a must see or a have seen.  My mate will soon let me know.  If you collect them as well, they are at Burnham Medical Centre in Love Lane in, you've guessed it, Burnham on Sea

Burnham Street Art

After last years street art festival there is still loads about to spot.  This is on the side of the Victoria Hotel in Burnham and the tag on it says John-doh, a Bristol lad.  Good stuff.

Nice ride today, slightly marred by being 'attacked' by two manic terrier dogs that were off the lead in Bleadon nature reserve.  No physical contact but it is unsettling have dogs yapping at your heels whist you are trying to pedal.  On reflection, should have stopped and remonstrated with the female owners who, in fairness, did their best to call them back.  No harm done and finished the 30 miles in the same physical condition that I started.  Bonus!

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cream Crackered at Congresbury 24

Another reasonable day.  Just need 24 miles to complete the 100 so looking at going out to Congresbury and back via Wrington.  That never happened though, felt a bit sluggish on the way out and decided to take a short cut down the Strawberry Line to Sanford and Banwell.  Going out that way, checked on the rhyne that was full of rubbish last Monday.  The council had replied saying the job had been completed.  When I looked, it was no different.  I can only presume they had passes it on to the Land Owner or Water Board. A bit disappointed with that.

The Co-op at Banwell Hill.

Still feeling a bit peaky going through Banwell so stopped at the convenience store half way up the hill going towards Weston.  Sat in the bus shelter for a bit, munching a Mars Bar (sugar will give the required energy) and the last 7 miles didn't feel too bad.

Invade Weston?  We are prepared.

Entering Weston on the Locking Road there is a few industrial complexes and one of them is a Helicopter Museum (The world's largest is its boast).  One of their new acquisitions is this ballistic missile, sitting there waiting to repel all boarders.  Looks an evil piece of kit.

Didn't feel too good when I got home and was horrified to see I had done 23.8 miles.  0.3 short of the weeks target.  Will have to have a ride down the prom tomorrow morning.