Saturday, 10 December 2016

Puxton in the rain 20

Not very nice out there this morning.  The forecast did say no rain between 9 and 12. Oh well, they can't get it right all the time.  Showers were forecast and we had a long one; between 9 and 12!  Had all the waterproof gear on so arrived home quite dry.  Went out through Worle to Hewish and Puxton before returning via Banwell and Locking.

Not 'The Cracker'.

Starting off down the promenade noticed quite a few elves and Santas running down the beach.  The big race for charity, The Weston 'Cracker', is due to be held tomorrow, Sunday so there was a mystery afoot.  Cycling down the prom I met these two characters, a dinosaur and Uncle Sam.  The latter is Dave, an Old Git, and he explained that this race is called Not the Cracker because it is!  These are the marshals for tomorrows big event (2,500 runners) and this gives them a run over the course and a breakfast later.  As members of the club they are ineligible to run in the main race.  The other two photos are general shots of the Non-Cracker race.

Looks like a good time was had by all.

Enjoyed that despite the rain.  The 20 miles covered took me over the weekly 100 target.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Burnham on Sea - usual route 27

Another pleasant day.  First job of course is to replace the damaged tyre and throw the old cover away.  With that done, I wasn't too happy with the pressure reading on my old pump.  The tyre seemed very hard but the reading was low.  I know where to get this sorted (see below).

Bike Charity

This cycle hire, repair and sale place is in Clarence Park, just a short distance from where I live.  I called in and saw Martin, the manager there and he was very helpful and sorted out the pressure in the tyre. It looks like mine has been giving a reading about half of the true pressure!  This is a registered charity that helps disadvantaged children and Martin kindly gave me some leaflets so that the scope of their activities can be put on here.  Sorry Martin, those leaflets have become mislaid somehow so I need to pop in and see you again so that more information can be put on here.
The premises by the way is the old cricket pavilion and in days of yore, county cricket was played here.

Made it!

Having a cup of tea at Burnham it dawned on me that time was getting on and it might be a struggle to get back in the light.  Not too happy about riding back on the busier roads, despite having decent lights but put the metal to the pedal and made it ok.  This was taken on the beach near where I live and about 10 minutes later is was virtually dark.  Phew.

27 miles covered today.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rooksville RTD (Rapid Tyre Deflation) 21

Was trying to get to Burnham today, one of the warmest on record for December.  Well into double figures on the thermometer, no need for massive gloves or balaclavas today, that's for sure.  The plan was to take a slightly longer route for a change until there was a loud 'pop' from the front wheel going along the A38 at Rooksville.

Into repair mode

Stopped on the side of the road, luckily there was a pavement and not too far from civilisation (note the garage on the left).  Couldn't see any obvious sign of damage to the cover until it came off and there were 3 places where it looked like cuts to the fabric had gone all the way through.  The first assessment was someone would have to give me a lift home or at least bring a new tyre out but, necessity being the mother of invention, three carefully placed large patches, glued to the inside of the tyre, was the approach I took.  The old tube was not repairable but there was a new one in the trusty rucksack and when fitted, and air put in, seemed to be OK.  It seemed prudent to head straight back home which proved a good option, no further trouble.

Covered just under 21 today, guess who is going to be busy this afternoon!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Old Gits to Burnham 24+

Tuesday, Old Gits day.  It is the first Tuesday in the month which means we have a later start and head south to Burnham on Sea.  Normally a fairly easy one this as a lot of the route is on the flat.  Plenty of layers on today but surprisingly, it felt quite warm out there. It was foggy, consequently no wind.  Not bad conditions at all.  A good turn out as well, 13 in all.

Santa at the farm

After coffee and a bacon roll at Reeds Hotel in Burnham, headed back and called in to Westcroft Farm in Berrow for some of the mob to load up with eggs.  Out the front were these two Santas, the first one, the reindeers had fallen over and had to be revived.

Weston Pier

Finished the ride at my apartment block but as it was such a pleasant morning, I carried on with a couple of others and cycled the length of the prom to add a couple of miles on.  Near the pier were quite a few students from the nearby technical college taking photographs of anything and everything, obviously on some sort of photographic assignment.  Not to be outdone, I slowed down and looked for something to add to this blog and this atmospheric shot is the result.  If you go down to the tech there will be 280 more like this sans bike of course!

24 plus miles in good company without the need for hand warmers.  Result

Monday, 5 December 2016

A Wander around Worle 12

Another dreary sort of a day, a bit cold but nowhere near freezing.  Not going too far today, it's Old Gits Day tomorrow, last week, the day before, did a strenuous ride up Canada Combe and it affected the Old Gits day a bit.  Mind you, it was very pleasant out there a week ago.  Fingers crossed.  Called at Weston Hospital on the way out to see John, the Oldist Git (spelling is intentional) who has been in for a few weeks now.  Third time lucky today, all the infections are clear now and I spent nearly an hour with him.  Good to see he is the same John as when I last saw him apart from losing a bit of weight.

Bike Shed

I call this a sensible bike rack/shed.  Saw this in Weston Hospital and I presume is for the staff who work there.  Note that it is weather proof and is lockable so those are real bonuses.  It was noticed that the owners still leave a big 'D' lock securing the bikes to the racks.

Sculptor trail

Saw this at the end of Winterstoke Road and a nearby sign indicates that this is the start of a community sculptor trail through a nearby housing estate.  Local scuplturers were invited to create pieces that reflect on local life and about 13 have been created.  Most are on a cycle path that goes through the estate so there is a project for the next few days. This globe represents the nearby wartime airfield that sent planes and airmen all over the world and the bike rack represents cycles.

After a short ride around the Worle town centre headed for the prom and home.  A very modest 12 miles covered today.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

East Brent Blow 18

Looked nice out there today and in some ways it was.  A bit raw though with an easterly wind blowing across the Somerset Levels.  Cut the ride short and left out Mark and Burnham on Sea.

Seasonal Capers

Didn't think there was going to be much about today as the plan was to take the usual route to Burnham.  Started out by doing the length of the promenade and was surprised to see on the Marine Lake, some paddle boarders messing about in seasonal fancy dress.  At first they were on the far side of the water but when they drifted/paddled towards the centre I called them over.  They were very obedient and came straight way. Hit a snag when there was nowhere to lean my bike but Santa was really obliging and offered to have the bike on the board.  I asked them what the occasion was and it is just a bit of fun before their annual Christmas Dinner tonight.  A scary moment occurred when Santa nearly fell in whilst getting the bike back on dry land.  He would have been safe though with that big fat suit on.

Covered 18 miles today.  Won't be out tomorrow so will fall short of the weekly target. Never mind.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Long Itchington Lope 24

In Leamington for a couple of days so took there opportunity to have a ride out with Graham.  The weather was very cold with clear blue skies so on the one hand grim, on the other beautiful!  All prepared for it though, plenty of layers and yesterday I bought some chemical hand warmers to put in my gloves.  If you suffer from cold hands in the winter, get some.  They were very good, in all fairness the ends of the fingers were a tad cold but never suffered like Tuesday, Old Gits Day.  At 70 pence for two they were a bargain.

Long Itchington Diner

Took a circular route from Leamington, out through Cubbington to Long Itchington to the Diner on the A423 and back through Southam and Harbury to Whitnash.  Tea and toast at the diner and the waitress was kind enough to take our picture.  Its a bit fuzzy, I think the lady must have been shivering.  Graham on the left, me on the right trussed up like a dog's dinner.  The wonder of modern technology, 2 mins after this was taken it had been e-mailed to our mate Mick in Spain.  It did prompt us to mull over whether there might be some mileage in creating a shared blog that the three of us could post our rides on.  Ptoject for the New Year?

Covered 24 miles, just over and got back without 'hot aches' in fingers and toes.