Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nearly to Burnham 30

Just realised, three photos today and my bike is not actually in any of them!  That has to be a first.  Another nice day, if a bit on the chilly side.  Wrapped up, it was a pleasure to be out. Started off around the town with a couple of little errands to do then went out on the Somerset Levels.

Union Street  Weston

This street is closed currently to allow the building work on the new Dolphin Square to go ahead.  This is next to the library, one of my ports of call, applying for a new free bus pass.  Tried to use it the other day to be advised by the driver that it had expired a couple of months ago.  Forgot to include the bike, must have been overawed by the nice blue sky.

The little family.

These two swans have been near Mark all winter, it must be near time for Sunny Jim to make his/her own way in the world.  No more ugly duckling.  Hard to include the bike on this one.


I suppose this does include the bike unless you want to be a bit picky.  The Mendips in the background.  Haven't done an 'arty' shot for ages.  Feel ever so much better for doing so.

Just a tad over 30, first one for 14 days.  Not too bad after being a bit poorly.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Old Gits via Webbington 23

Out with the Old Gits today, taking a break from the normal route by varying it to take in Bleadon, Loxton and Webbington.  Meeting up on the south end of the promenade, the day was not too bad, a bit misty and not too much wind.  A total of 17 signed up the today's outing.

By the Beach Huts

A much more sensibler a place to see this, certainly it avoids clogging up the pavements and there is plenty of shelter nearby if it rains.  10 plus the photographer (guess who) shown here but there are more to come en route and a couple are running late.

Barton Lane

Taking a breather after a good climb in Bleadon and another just past the Webbington Hotel.  Two new riders turned up today but unfortunately the big hill at Bleadon proved too much for them so they went home.  Whether they thought that our club just meanders about along the prom for 30 minutes or they need more preparation we shall find out.  In the distance is part of the Mendips shrouded in the mist.  The lane itself was very mucky with a lot of farm stuff all over the place.  At coffee, it was agreed that the Old Git who chose this route today should clean our bikes in the break.  All agreed apart from George.  Guess who chose the route!

An enjoyable 23 miles today.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Brent Knoll Bash 20

Apologies, this got deleted by mistake, its now been redone and has jumped over the real 16th Jan post!

Started out intending to go to Burnham but didn't start till late so with the light fading and being unhappy riding on dark county roads, cut the ride short. was not feeling 100% so it wasn't a hard decision!

Sunset over Brean Down

Added an extra 3 miles at the end by riding down the promenade before finishing.  Just this one photograph looking across Weston harbour towards Brean Down.

Just the 20 today.

Wick St Lawrence Wander 16

Another dullish day, nothing too strenuous planned considering it's Old Gits Day tomorrow and the planned route, one we don't often do, has a couple of challenging hills in it.  Just did a flat circuit, including the outskirts of Wick St Lawrence

Before - May 2016

After - Today

This is the new cinema complex and shopping centre being built on the demolition site that was the old Dolphin Square.  The plans and projected illustrations look pretty impressive except for the fact that nearly all the shops will be cafes and coffee shops.  Haven't we got enough of these in town already?  we need more out in the countryside selling tea at £1 a mug in all the villages.  Rant over.

A little bit tired again today, still 16 more miles under the belt.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Getting the bike back 2 !!

Two miles you say!  What's he playing at?  The truth is 'he' has not been very well.   Felt quite lethargic last Tuesday with the Old Gits.  Had a ride planned in Leamington with Mick and Graham which I was very much looking forward to, but for some reason came down with flu like symptoms , cancelled Thursday's ride, especially as it was quite cold and rain was forecast.  This is not like yours truly at all, but thankfully seem to be over the worst of it now.
Today I picked up my best bike which has been in for repair and Ian, the mechanic, has done a cracking job on it with new chain, cassette, brake cables, brake blocks, and a new bottom bracket bearing.  Goes like a dream now.  Still quite a cold wind although fairly sunny so just rode it back from the workshop to home along the prom.  Good to be back in the saddle.  Will see if there are few more miles in the legs tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Old Gits in Reverse 24

Out with the Old Gits today, this time we are doing a reverse of the normal route.  A bit chilly out there today, especially on the coast, and reaching Caffles, for tea and cake, was a pleasure!  No Strava recorded today due to phone problems but the route has been traced out on a map.   As my Mum used to say, "It is as near as dammit is to swearing."

Early problem

3 of us left the same location at the end of the promenade and within 200 yards a soft tyre was diagnosed.  We hadn't even passed the beach huts for heavens sake.  Some frantic pumping put some air in the tyre and luckily, it held out for the rest of the morning.

To Sand Bay and Beyond

Felt a bit tired today so I took a short cut in Kewstoke cutting out a bit of a hill to the group meeting place.  I used the excuse that it was necessary to be in a good position for the gang, or at least some of them, to be seen zooming down the hill from Kewstoke to Sand Bay.  There were more than this out today, not a bad turn out for a wintery day, 15 in all.

The map above shows a mileage of 24 so I will stick with that.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Burnham Backwards 32

Foggy old day today.  Started out around 1030 and it was about 100 yards in places.  Just for a change going down to Burnham on Sea but doing a reverse route.  Same roads but they always look so different from going in the opposite direction.  Weather not too bad really, little wind, not too cold and the sun was starting to poke through by the time I got back.

Wick Road Brean

Just a shot over the fields near Brean.  The fields look very muddy and the visibility is still reduced.

River Brue

This river runs through the Somerset Levels and runs into the sea at Highbridge.  At the mouth of the river is Burnham and Highbridge Marina with a footpath alongside the river and this unusual picnic table, made from old builders planks by the look of it, is by the side of the path.  The fog seemed to be a bit denser at Highbridge than elsewhere for some reason, though it was a lot clearer heading inland.

Covered 32 miles today.  Will be glad to get the road bike back; going over 30 miles on the old mountain bike is tougher than I remember!